Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Um, SOMETHING is missing from the Olympics…

I have to interject. Maybe I’m completely ignorant and off base, as I’ve only watched bits and pieces of the Olympics, but why haven’t any of the athletes (I’ve seen) made mention of the disgusting LGBT policies in Russia? Isn’t the whole point of NOT boycotting the Olympics to infuse our progressive, western, tolerant mindsets into the gazillion cameras pointed in every direction? It’s not about allowing gay athletes to compete. That is such an obviously fabricated distraction. The point is to impact change for the average person living in Russia through the most powerful tool, culture/media. It’s such an easy thing to do (though obviously not without risk on the athletes’ behalves. That I understand).

Maybe people aren’t seeing this, or just don’t care. Putin’s politics frighteningly mirror Hitler’s. Like the Chancellor, Putin is scapegoating a minority to distract from the complete mismanagement of his country’s economy. First come the discriminatory laws. What’s next? Confining the Russian LGBT community to ghettos, and then Siberian labor camps, shooting at them until they’re all dead?

All of the athletes are saying how beautiful and calm everything seems. Remember the Berlin Olympics in 1936? Remember when Westerners would come visit the Jewish ghettos and concentration camps, at which point, Hitler and his posse would temporarily reconfigure them as luxury communities? Everyone fell for it, and it seems like everyone is falling for it again. Shame.

I’m hypocritical. I feel powerless and apathetic. Whenever horrific news comes out of Uganda and other nations regarding virtual death-sentences for LGBT people, I enter a state of shock, which gradually dissipates as I go on with my relatively cushy life, much like American Jews did during the Holocaust (if they were even aware of what was going on…who knows?). I’m not sure what to say. I just find it so sad that an American who wins a medal can’t at least indirectly allude to some sort of necessary justice, when s/he has such a monumental platform WITHIN Russia itself.

Oy oy oy.



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