Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beyoncé: Unrelatable

Everyone loves Beyoncé. LOVE LOVE LOVE, all the time, and it’s annoying. During the same brunch I mentioned in my last post, I told my friend that Beyoncé comes off as overly calculated. She mentioned Miley’s recent interview with Barbara Walters, in which the pop starlet stated that her intention behind recent behavior was to garner musical attention. “Isn’t that calculated?” Well, yes…but the difference is that Miley comes off as herself. All of Miley’s stints reveal her true personality, her real taste. Her messiness is who she is. Beyoncé’s calculatedness has the opposite effect; we know little about her. She sings about love, does an HBO documentary, and is constantly in the press, yet, it all seems inauthentic and FAKE. She comes off as perfect: perfect voice, perfect choreography, and perfect marriage. The latter is likely a falsity: any relationship has its struggles, and I wish she revealed some of her own. When she sings about sex and romance, it sounds like she’s regurgitating a made up storyline written by someone else, which may allegedly be the case. Beyoncé, I don’t believe you, so I can’t connect to most of what you do. I don’t relate to the parts of you I’m almost certain ARE true: you’re a millionaire superstar married to a millionaire superstar, vacationing on yachts commonly charted by millionaire superstars. Yes, I love watching you dance, but I’ll take Miley’s album, which (IMO) has only two good songs (Wrecking Ball & Adore You), over yours. When Miley sings about falling under a spell, you know exactly who she’s singing about, and you hear how real the lyric is to her, regardless of whether or not she wrote it. That, I relate to.  


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