Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hi Readers...

If we still have any...

We are moving to

This blog is changing. As you can probably tell, we update haphazardly because we're busy, we don't care, and/or we just want to watch the Real Housewives. We will not be doing the right thing. We will not try to build an online community as we used to. If you'd like to follow us, follow us. If you don't, well, we don't really check our Twitter, anyhow. If you're looking for a consistent read, look elsewhere. We just want a place to post what we want to post when we want to post it, whether it's an image or a ten page essay. We don't want to review your single that you made in your parents' basement yesterday, nor do we want to kiss any record executive's ass. I'm so over feeling guilty when I can't be bothered to care about a song you wrote on your guitar last week. I'm SO SO over PR firms and record companies happily sending us press releases or new material, only to go awol when we truthfully say WE DON'T LIKE IT. We'd rather just have fun and be honest. We don't want to be politically correct or worry about hurting artists' feelings by calling them out on their jerk-ish behavior. Most of the ones we write about are millionaires, anyway...they can go drown their bruised egos in a new Maserati. We don't blog to network our way up an industry ladder; our blog is a creative outlet. That is all.

Thanks for reading if you still do.