Friday, January 4, 2013

The funny thing about twitter feuds is that they benefit absolutelyeveryone EXCEPT those of us who have to listen to them - until now?

Our lovely new year is being rung in by old tricks - that is, what Idolator aptly titled the Twitterpocalypse: an unnecessary internet feud between ever-so-bashful Azealia Banks & up-and-coming rapper Angel Haze.  But this time - steady yourselves - something productive has actually been done with all the hot air: a diss track! Wow!! Could it be that Azealia, Queen of the Twitter Feud (translation: Queen of 21st Century Music Promotion), has been one-upped???(???)??  Doubtful... Listen below:

Well, that was certainly something, wasn't it? This is no sophomore effort, kids... we shall see.  Either way, sit back, relax, pop some popcorn & enjoy the publicity circus being drummed up just in time for Azealia & Angel's debut albums.  Hey, at least we get a good song out of it... But we highly doubt that Diplo & Paul Epworth will care much since, um, they're both working with them (suspicious much?)

Azealia & Angel are probably high-fiving backstage right now. The collab's still on, right?