Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Currently #1 on the BBC Top 40: "Troublemaker" by Maroon 5! Oh, wait...

I'm just SO bloody charming.
We seem to be living in an era of POP music deja-vu. Jessie sounds like Katy. Britney sounds like Nicki.  Carly sounds like Alphabeat.  Rihanna & Lana are actually the same person. And now Olly Murs sounds like Maroon 5. Why?

Basically, Troublemaker is basically what Maroon 5 should sound like in 2012 if they had stayed even a little bit closer to their original sound & "woaOOhOOh" hooks.  It's not by accident that Olly's new song sounds like something straight off of Songs About Jane just as more & more UK X Factor graduates seek to conquer North America (I just saw you on the Disney Channel, Cher, don't think I didn't). This is all fine & dandy, but what does this mean for the USA?

Well, Troublemaker is not as cute or catchy as Heart Skips A Beat, but the Flo Rida addition coullllld just make Olly break the American market (I'm skeptical, as much as I like the song).  All in all, the song is an innocent little earworm; what it lacks in creativity it makes up for in a candy-coated chorus. Hey, at the very least it's not Troublemaker featuring Pitbull produced by RedOne, right?

Only time will tell, Olly.  You can't charm your way across the pond too easy, can you?