Saturday, December 15, 2012

An email from one blogger to another reflecting on 2012. It might make you laugh, or cry, or perhaps both.

Once upon a time I was commuting to class & writing my dear friend a frustrated email.  This dear friend also happens to be Barry Gregory & we run this blog together.  He told me to post the email. Reluctantly, I have done so.  Forgive me if I seem rather grim; this was not the best year for mainstream music.




I have some time on my hands (I'm om the bus) so I'm writing you a disjointed reflection on the pop music of 2012. I honestly think the best pop album of the year was Halcyon, hands down. I am continuously surprised by what a good album Mika made, I think The Origin of Love is my #2. The thing with Mika is that his vocals are f'ing exhausting- same with Nate Ruess's sometimes. There are some wack missteps on Mika's album-- namely the Origin of Love & that other terrible song, which are blech-- but overall it's an incredibly well-produced album & well written too. And it tackles subject matter which is NOT JUST ABOUT LOVE!!! (see: Heroes) Only Mika & Ellie really did that WELL this year. Good Lord I miss Lily.

Indie Pop, like regular pop, sucked this year. Passion Pit & Fun. made the best / catchiest albums in that "altpop" category. Exciting indie electropop seems to be over :( No Cut Copy, no MGMT, no Empire of the Sun. Kesha P!nk Taylor and Carly (& Rihanna) made a few great songs, but honestly their albums, in their entirety, don't stand on their own. Calvin's album is good.  I wish we had Girls Aloud in the States. And that is 2012!

In terms of Lana, I think she may be our first example of the modern hype-backlash.  As fresh as her music is, her entire persona-package is so damn disappointing. I'm guilty of being overexcited about her. Now we have 3 Rihannas: RiLana & Rita Ora. Enough. 

As for Marina, the poor girl got the shit end of the stick. We all know that she is an incredibly talented artist, but listen: Ellie did the "Greek tragedy" theme better. Ellie did "cool" better.  Lana did the "Americana" element better. Katy did cute & colorful better. Rick Nowels didn't do shit for her tracks (not to mention Dr. Luke). And Marina wrote, recorded & released Heartbreaker way too late.  I think she's left "picking up the peiiiiiices" (in Paloma's voice) instead of being a truly exciting pop star. But I can't feel that bad for her because, please: look at her. She's fine.

Another rant:: as an EDM lover (electronic dance music) I'm really frustrated with the domination of straight, white men in this genre. EDM used to be so much more inclusive & now it is soooooo not. And have we mentioned sexist? It's all about girls in bras and g-strings on MDMA jumping around in strobe lights.  Look who we have at the forefront: Calvin Harris, Diplo, A-Trak, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, Nero-- the list goes on. Even the up & coming ones meet the mold: Dillon Francis, Zedd, Madeon. And all of them are in one way or another THE SAME: goofy white boys with funny twitter accounts. It's hard for me to get really excited about anyone in that scene anymore... the oppressive heteronormativity is becoming too much to handle. Ugh. Diversify, please, I beg you!

Also, fat ppl in music videos, please (and not just as comic relief). Or just chubby. Or hairy. Or ANYTHING.

And that is my rant. Thoughts?

Xx Minna