Sunday, December 2, 2012

'90s Sunday...Then & Today

Of all La Bouche's '90s hits, Be My Lover is my fave. How did I rediscover this lovely little powerhouse of a dance tune? Walking into Urban Outfitters, I heard a '90s banger. When I came home, I wanted to Google it but didn't remember which track played over the loudspeakers so I searched "'90s dance songs." I arrived at the following list: where I have yet to find the song I heard at Urban (it's a long list) but where I re-encountered this gem from my past.

Now to today. If you're searching for modern tunes with '90s flair, look no further than Lovers In The Parking Lot from the EP True by Solange, Beyonce's little sister. Listening to it fills my mind with Aaliyah flashbacks. Do I wish Solange capitalized a bit more on the choruses? Yes. However, the stellar verses are so catchy, they compensate for any blahhness creeping through the rest of the song. I also love that Solange is trying something new. Yes, we all know she's a hipster and made this record with Pitchfork fave Dev Hynes of Blood Orange. However, anyone who can find a fresh, electronic way to deliver African beats is a hero in my book. Lastly, I adore that she's promoting this EP with Hynes by her side in interviews. Too often, we see the  artist taking the front seat though the producers and engineers are the true geniuses. Thus, her ability to give credit to whom its due is a testament to her controlled ego. However, I'm not surprised. If you're going to grow up as the sister of one of the world's biggest superstars, you'll either be incredibly resentful and jealous, or learn to be proud and enjoy the perks, like getting your own record deal without most of the struggle. Fortunately, Solange's talent warrants one.



Barry Gregory