Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The new Icona Pop EP doesn't quite surpass "Manners," but a few good songs are packed in here

When our friend Vertigo Shtick asked the Popologist Panel to review Icona Pop's new EP I was thrilled.  I think Icona Pop are one of the best electroPOP acts to surface this year.  These 2 have the potential to be big, & I want them to be.

Alas, the ladies' latest single, I Love It, was a let down-- & unfortunately, so is half of this EP.  Ready for the Weekend is a frenetic fright-fest while the hipster name-dropping on Sun Goes Down is clearly designed to titillate the Neon Gold bandwagon. The best stuff on Iconic is stuffed in the middle: Good For You (a stellar song), Top Rated and, of course, the unbeatable Manners.  Gregory doesn't like Icona Pop too much, but I see tons of potential in these two.  Their current status as indie darlings doesn't hurt their popularity either (they are currently touring with Marina & the Diamonds).  I'm looking forward to hearing their upcoming album-- more girl power, please. (lord knows we need it)