Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heroin-Chic is Back

And her name is Sky Ferreira. Ever since Kate Moss and Fiona Apple slipped to pop-culture's perimeter, I've been staring out my bedroom window, singing Celine's All By Myself (a la Joey Tribbiani from Friends), wondering who would be the goddess to bring back heroin chic? Who would reinvigorate the revolution?

Here she is, our messiah. The girl who has been the music industry's next big thing for the last 5 years has reinstated the movement. Yes, Sky has just released yet another EP. This one is titled Ghost. Like Sky, I find ghosts incredibly inspiring (Happy Halloween). Plus, the almost-POP star seems to mimic one on the cover, appearing freshly powdered from H2T (or H2H - it's a head shot). It's all about the look, honey - retro hipster 90s grunge heroin chic. Get it right and keep it tight.

But that's not the point. The point is, I'm loving two of her songs, which has never happened. I never like her songs, until now...

Choose from one of the following 2 options:

1. You can either live Sky's American Dream, which is an alternative POP masterpiece. Super POP yet super original. Super accessible in a way we've yet to access. Produced by Frankmusik (who produced Ellie Goulding's Wish I Stayed & his own Better Off As Two).


2. You can get Lost in [Sky's] Bedroom. Sometimes I think Sky is a bad songwriter, and then I hear tunes like Lost in my Bedroom and the aforementioned American Dream that change my mind. Maybe she only needs the right collaborators to bring out her best. This piece of magic was produced by Pitchfork approved producer, Ariel Rechtschaid, who is made all the hipsterierererer by being friends with Diplo. Surprisingly, it's gorgeous and melodic. It's just really pretty and dancey, but not Rihanna or Gaga-dancey. This song is its own brand of dancey. It's smoke a joint dancey.

Don't forget to remove all your self-tanner and only get 3 hours of sleep before you go out this weekend. We want bed hair. Remember, heroin-CHIC.



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