Monday, September 10, 2012

What can we expect from the upcoming P!nk album?

Gregory & I both adore POP guru P!nk, although sometimes her music is a bit to rock-heavy for our ears. Nevertheless, we've been super excited to hear anything & everything off of The Truth About Love, especially since it features the work of our favorite producer, Greg Kurstin (AND a collaboration with the Princess of Modern POP Music As We Know It, Lily Allen [Cooper]). Personally, my all-time favorite songs by P!nk are U + Ur Hand & Who Knew, one ballsy & one beautiful, penned & produced by hit-makers Dr. Luke & Max Martin. I've never given up hope that one day I may love a P!nk song as much as I love either of those two. Funhouse was not my cup of tea, so can The Truth About Love be the ticket?

So far, I'm not so sure. Let's evaluate:

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - We're glad to see it doing moderately well on the charts, but Blow Me in no way lives up to P!nk's nor Kurstin's talents.  A mixed bag at best, and a less than stellar first single.

Try - This is a lovely track, & certainly better than Blow Me at the very least.  It is melodic & inspiration- an above average second single (for those of you who haven't heard it yet, listen to P!nk's next single here- you'll like it).

Slut Like You - I'm sorry, but the 45 minute clip of this song sounds atrocious. When I realized, to my despair, that "I'm a slut like you" & "wooo-hooo" form the main chorus I had to look up the idiot who wrote it... & to my utter shock, I discovered Max Martin/ Shellback are behind this song. WHAT?  This can't be true.  I knew that the creative decline of Dr. Luke was in full effect, but MAXY & SHELLY TOO?  This is simply too much... but let's move on.  And oh, if you'd like to subject yourself to Slut Like You, it's below:

Just Give Me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess - this should be a very, very interesting track. After the resounding success of Fun.'s Some Nights, Jeff Bhasker & Nate Ruess should breathe life, love, & rock 'n roll into this ballad (& hopefully rock 'n roll with a beat, not just noisy guitars). Anything less than incredible song will be a let down. Surely this will be a 2013 single? If it's up to par, of course.  Expect a whomping Jeff Bhasker backbeat.

My final prediction is that some of the most beautiful songs on The Truth About Love will be the ones that P!nk herself co-penned with Greg Kurstin & Billy Mann (the latter of whom she has a longtime work relationship with, creating songs as memorable as Dear Mr. President & Stupid Girls). Particularly exciting is True Love (WITH LILY!), a real POP song at it's finest, which we would love to hear in full right about now...

But it looks like these two music outsiders will have to wait until September 18th like everyone else... unless RCA decides to send us some samples.  It ain't easy not being Popjustice.

Share your thoughts y'all!



[Update: Look at that! They heard our prayers: listen to the album sampler here]

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