Monday, September 17, 2012

We've finally heard Kiss by Carly Del Rae & here are our 3 favorite songs

So FINALLY, here is our the verdict on Kiss by Canadian dance POP starlet Carly Del Rae Jepsen.

Tiny Little Bows - As I wrote before, this opening track is brutally good.  It reminds me of a modern Jamiroquai jam that could slide gracefully into the soundtrack of the brilliant 2000 dance drama Center Stage.  Read more on the song here.  I dare you not to sing along.

Curiosity - Simply POP perfection.  Gregory & I both agree that is is our #1 favorite on Kiss.  Despite its noisy new production, the album version of Curiosity is listenable (though the original produced by Carly Del Rae's bff Ryan Stewart alone is a much better POP song- listen to the EP version of Curiosity below).

Turn Me Up - This is the best dance track on all of Kiss.  Many will disagree with me about this, pointing instead to Max Martin's Tonight I'm Getting Over You or second single This Kiss.  I stand firm in my assertion that this is the closest Carly sounds to a modern dance diva a la Robyn.  A particularly magical moment is Carly's rallying cry, "I'm givin' up & going out toniiiight."  At its finest moments Turn Me Up sounds like a Kylie song (a high compliment).  This one's a keeper.

So what do we make of all this?  In short, Kiss is a very good POP album.  Its down sides are few but notable; Kiss lacks an overall variety in production style, the paucity of which can make your head hurt from the sugar rush (see: This Kiss). At times there are too many fluffy pink ponies & happiness rainbows to make it through more than 3 songs in a row. Lyrically, Kiss is is an album about high school problems, stuffed with far too many "I'm going out tonight"s & "my big bad boyfriend broke my heart"s (notable exception is Turn Me On, where Carly sounds less like she's kvetching & more like she's singing a grrrl power chant).  That said, Kiss is a DANCE album clearly modeled after Robyn's Dancing On My Own.  Carly, a self-professed admirer of Robyn, should be very proud of Turn Me Up. Wrong Feels So Right & Tonight I'm Getting Over You are also solid dance songs but sound slightly wrong for Carly's characteristic voice- she's too saccharine for gritty dancefloor numbers.  Rihanna can take those. That's what she's good at.

All in all, Carly Del Rae has released an album that is not perfect, but full of dance gems that will make many a girls' night for years to come.  Welcome to POP, Miss Jepsen!



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