Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Cher Lloyd's new song, "Oath," is pretty great, right? There's only 1 problem...

Wait, where is she from again??
A few days ago we were graced with the latest single from Cher Lloyd, a remarkable POP act birthed by the Fame Monster known as... The X Factor. Don, I mean, DOCTOR Luke, the notorious mob boss behind modern POP music, is also the producer behind this song. It comes as no surprise that Oath is quite catchy & uplifting, perhaps one could say it is even quite good.

There's just one little problem. When Cher sings: "Laughing so damn haRD/ Crashed yoUR Dad's new cAR," placing paRtiulAR stress on the "AR"s, something seems to be missing... Namely, her accent. It is a slight change but nevertheless a noticeable one (especially of you've listened to the UK version of Sticks & Stones as many times as I have). The end result is that Cher Lloyd doesn't sound like Cher Lloyd- she sounds like Travie McCoy & Ke$ha's daughter. And a very American daughter at that.

The cautionary tale here, people, is that it is one thing to moderately Americanize your product for American audiences, but quite another to make your product generic. As delightful a tune as Oath is, it does indeed border on American "vanilla POP," which may sound like a soda but I intended it to mean, essentially, bland.

Let's hope that Oath does well regardless. Because by all accounts it is quite good. So go buy the single and listen for the "AR"s.



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