Saturday, September 15, 2012

She just wants to love your body

Is Mimi being emancipated again? 
Oh wait, it's Christina...

And she's back. Your Body isn't great. It isn't terrible. The melody is just okay and the tempo progresses a bit too slowly for the dancefloor, but the production is rich, and Christina's voice is captured perfectly. She's not oversinging (as usual) or undersinging. The balance is ideal.

As for the single cover, Christina looks like Mariah. In shots from the upcoming video, she appears as a pink wigged Minaj wannabe. It seems like Miss X is having an artistic identity crisis, trying to remain relevant in a POP radio world that's long passed her by. We're hoping she can reclaim her rightful space.

Listen to the song on Idolator's website, here



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  1. She just wants to FUCK your body

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