Sunday, September 16, 2012

Piping Hot Piano

Nothing moves me quite like a piano ballad. Here are two of my recent faves:

Laura by Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) - This ballad is the best thing I've heard in a while. The piano melody possesses a typically British campiness that is brought to life in the video. The song floats along with beautiful horns conjuring up very regal, sailing around the British isles type imagery. Natasha gives into her powerful voice, howling through the chorus. I just love any song about a has-been celebrity pining for the old days. Don't you?


Not Even The King by Alicia Keys - Yes, I do think her best days have passed. Alicia lost any semblance of pop identity when she removed Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation-era key earring. However, her ode opposing materialism in favor of love is breathtaking. Her vocals are different here. Typically, Alicia tries to wail and ends up sounding raspy. For once, she gives into the softness of her voice, singing ever so delicately as though the tune is a lullaby. Just gorgeous.




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