Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh HEY THERE we're back from summer!

Summer's over, Cheryl...
A wise man once sang "my love for you will still be strong / after the boys of summer have gone."  This, dear readers, is quite true.  Although we just took a summer vacation of sorts, our love for POP is still goin' strong, even now that all the pretty boys of summer have flown away.  As a welcome back gift, I just put together a little list of 3 excellent POP songs to play when you find yourself nostalgic for the summer, gone & past...

Nicki Minaj - Whip It
Words evade me when describing this song.  It is, perhaps, even more infectious & ridiculous than Pound The Alarm, which is pretty damn infectious & beyond ridiculous.  Complete with "na na na na"s & real whip sounds (particularly pleasing), the result is a 90s throwback ala RedOne that is so campy & so shameless, that it's actually kind of amazing.  It's also worth noting that on Whip It, Nicki achieves the perfect rap :: "sing" ratio, unlike on some of her other tracks.  But we needn't go there.

Cheryl - Under the Sun
Under the Sun may not have climbed super high on the charts (as it is not a cookie-cutter Calvin jam) but it remains, easily, one of the best Cheryl songs released in ages.  Glimmery, shimmery & luscious as ever, born POP star Cheryl Cole demonstrates her genuine POP grace over a luscious mixture of hip-hop beats & light synthesizers. Producer Alex da Kid did a fantastic job with Under the Sun, making him one to watch in the upcoming years.

Passion Pit  - Constant Conversations
Constant Conversations, a lugubrious R&B slow jam & a definite stand-out track on Passion Pit's recent release, Gossamer, is also a much-needed & refreshing break from most current hyperactive & frenetic POP songs.  It comes with quite an excellent music video as well, where front man Michael Angelakos goes to an upper-crust Gossip-Girl mansion party filled with hedonistic rich white people, scotch, & snakes.  You half expect him to run into a silk-laced & Lana Del Rey in a smokey corner, cooing at him. If you haven't seen it, well, I posted it below for a reason, didn't I?

Of course, several late summer songs will be carrying us into the fall as well, like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together & that Calvin Harris-Example collab that I don't want to admit that I love... but you see what I'm getting at.  Even though summer is fading away, we still have HUGE songs to support us through the tears.

And don't forget! Summer may be over, we have MUCH to look forward to this autumn, including NEW Natalia Kills, Charli XCX, & apparently, if we believe him, Calvin Harris will be gracing us with his goddamn album as well.  But we'll see about that.

Basically, we're BACK, POP-lovers!



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