Friday, September 14, 2012


Triumphant by Mariah Carey– Mimi has been emancipated once again. Triumphant is a perfectly average song. What happened to the Mariah Carey who fused R&B and bubblegum POP (Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Dream Lover)? Someone please tell Miss Cribz that hip hoppity POP hasn't been relevant since 2006. Mariah is pushing herself into irrelevance by sounding like a has-been. Triumphant is completely generic. If she had played with some more experimental production (a la Azealia Banks), she could at least be considered an innovator. Instead, Mariah has made something that sounds far less fresh than the hits that made her, and in the process, she’s shitting on her iconic status. It’s really a shame and makes me quite sad. Also, Mariah is a DIVA who doesn’t need to perpetuate this pink, Paris Hilton doggy in a Louis Vuitton aesthetic – it cheapens her.
Gold by Neon Hitch – The start of Gold is some gorgeous emotional POP balladry, yet eventually the production shifts into Ke$ha territory. Why is everything sounding the same same same? Benny Blanco has crafted some beautiful tracks in his short career, so I don’t understand why his work with Neon is a mashup of everything I’ve heard in the last two years. Let’s move POP forward! Also, what is with this Tyga feature? I don't recall Madonna's Holiday featuring LL Cool J.  Plain. Simple. Period.

What do I consider innovative POP? Winner, the first single and best track off of Contact, the new album from The Noisettes. Soul, synthesizers, and tinge of electric guitar are just what the doctahhh ordered.



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