Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Check out the new video for MIKA's latest, "The Origin of Love"

I was so excited today to see that BritPOPster Mika recently released a clip for his upcoming single, an excellent song called The Origin of Love.  Ironically, Gregory & I were just discussing Mika a few nights ago after having listened to his exceptionally exciting album sampler.  The Origin of Love, the opening track for Mika's album of the same title, has a super dreamy feel that the film manages to capture quite well.

Mika had this to say about the video:
"This latest short film is a collaboration with the Chilean director Cristian Jimenez. After seeing his film Bonsai, this seemed like an exciting match. I wanted to take the kaleidoscopic dreaminess of the song and pair it up with Cristian's more realistic, surreal and moving imagery. When making these films, I give complete freedom to the director we are collaborating with, in a way that is never possible with a music video. This short film was made in Santiago with Cristian's close team and friends, and with a lot of love. I hope that watching someone else's visual reaction to the song is as surprising and moving for you as it was for me."

Check out the video below:

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We're quite looking forward this!



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