Friday, September 7, 2012

A banana mix is not a fruit smoothie, it's a new mixtape from YADi

I just gave a little listen to YADi's newest mixtape, Banana Mix (which is not a fruit smoothie, though that does sound really good right now in the typical Tel Aviv heat).  My thoughts on the mix are pretty much overwhelmingly positive.  Lady YADi demonstrates loads of imagination & great taste for music from all over the spectrum (Alt-J, the Weeknd, Frank Ocean). The end result is multi-layered mixtape of compositions just as evocative & cinematic as those of Lana Del Rey, but in a sense, more globalized. Particularly moving are the North African influences on YADi's music, which you hear straight from the beginning of this mix.  YADi has told Unapologetically POP before that she would love to learn Arabic, & after hearing this mix, we want her to as well! (I'd also like a cover of Cheb Khaled's Aicha, please).  The mix also features a new track called Banana Tree.  Have a listen below.

Big thanks to Earmilk for this one.  Keep it up YADi!




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