Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Katy's Wide Awake

A few weeks ago, Katy released her video for Wide Awake. The song itself is quite beautiful. Though it took a while for it to grow on me, it eventually succeeded, and now I think it's one of the most refreshing pieces Dr. Luke and his protege Cirkut have put out in a while. However, I do feel bad for Tricky Stewart, who produced a solid portion of material on the original Teenage Dream and was waiting for the re-release for Katy to finally promote one of his songs, the tongue-in-cheek Dressin' Up.

Wide Awake's video was immaculately directed by Tony T. Datis, but I find the subject-matter overly self-aggrandizing. It centers around Katy protecting the child version of herself from fame's poisonous grasp. We find her eating a strawberry (a reference to the iconography of One of the Boys, Katy's debut, which made her famous) like Eve's forbidden fruit. I find this concept so annoying. Katy has always wanted to be famous. In an interview with CBS, she herself emphatically stated (allegedly), "I don't want to be the indie darling, because NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE INDIE DARLING IS." She clearly has the talent to be one, as is proved by the song Thinking of You, which Miss Perry wrote completely on her own. However, she has no interest in making the kind of music that she herself enjoys (M83, Empire of the Sun, Scissor Sisters, and other alternative fare). I remember another interview in which Katy allegedly said something to the effect of wanting to walk into a restaurant as an older woman and having people identify her as a world-famous singer, not as a D-List "oh, where do I know her from? She looks familiar" celebrity. This girl consciously got in the fame lane, so I highly doubt she has any regrets. Thus, as gorgeous as this video is, I find it nauseating.

Decide for yourself...do you like the video? I've posted it below.



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