Monday, July 9, 2012

Is P!nk's new single POP Approved?

This week, P!nk's latest single Blow Me (One Last Kiss) was unleashed onto the masses. Here at Unapologetically POP, we were stoked upon first hearing that P!nk was collaborating with our fave produce, Mr. Greg Kurstin, so when the single became available, we were all ears.

Now that Blow Me is finally here, I have to say it's a little less satisfying than I expected from such an epic collaboration between two musicians.  I do think that Greg Kurstin is a great choice for P!nk, since he is very capable of crafting fresh alt-POP (most notably on the latest albums by the Shins & Santigold).  I absolutely love the intro & the over-arching production on Blow Me - it reminds me so much of Two Door Cinema Club's Something Good Can WorkGreg also did an excellent job of staying true to P!nk's raucous, party-crashing POP sound, using guitars in much more melodic way than Dr. Luke has ever done. That said, something is lacking in the melody & in the song structure.  The chorus just isn't as bombastic & satisfying as P!nk's other rock-POP jams.  Once I get a better look at the song credits I will be able to make more sense of why this is.  Either way, it's not my favorite, but I think this song will do well since sticks with P!nk's rough-around-the-edges POP sound.

Like Minna, I also thought Greg was a great match for Lady P!nk. Really, he's a great match for anyone, having worked with a diverse array of artists including Lily Allen, Tegan & Sarah, The Shins, Kylie Minogue, and Ke$ha (he produced her first record's title track, Animal, which bordered on Robyn-esque heartbreak heaven). Greg is a master at creating innovative alt-POP AND super-POP, whatever the artist's preference. However, I found Blow Me underwhelming. I was expecting a melody and chorus along the lines of Raise Your Glass, but with fresher, synthier production. I like the opening synthesized guitar line - it's far more airy and whipped than anything Dr. Luke's come up with, lately (aside from the guitars in RiRi's Where Have You Been - those are warm, snuggly perfection). Otherwise, the backing track is pretty standard. I knew that someday I'd have to let go my dream of P!nk becoming a dance diva (I've recently realized that I want just about everyone to become a dance diva...), and that day was like 10 years ago. Oh wellz.  

I find P!nk's voice in the verses annoying. When she sings, "white knuckles..." she sounds like a whiny teenager. The chorus isn't big enough, so P!nk attempts to overcompensate by oversinging the end of each verse before she hits the chorus. For example, in the first verse, she croons, "I let goooooooooooo." The chorus itself is too fast for P!nk to really display her vocal talents. That's what bothers me most. P!nk is an incredibly talented vocalist, yet she doesn't get a chance to showcase it in this number. Instead, she spends her time talk-singing, and there's already plenty of that on the radio. When someone can actually sing, I want him/her to SANGGGGGGG. 


Gregory & Minna


  1. Agreed, for the most part. I like the really high notes she hits on "just when it can't get worse;" too bad the lyrics on that part especially are shite.

  2. LOL. Meanwhile I am totally in love with it! Not to say it's her best work but it's so fun and sassy and something about the production just feels very summer to me. My favorite parts are the high notes David mentions as well. It feels very authentically P!nk to me and I think we can all agree that the lead singles from most of her albums were never the best material, just something fun to hook radio. :)


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