Saturday, July 21, 2012

International Love

Hey Y'all!

We've got some special news. After a super successful year, we've decided to expand Unapologetically POP INTERNATIONALLY. That's right, we're opening Unapologetically POP, Tel Aviv. Our Israeli bureau will be headed up by our one and only Minna. We mean that literally. Aside from myself, she's the one and only correspondent. These are tough times, y'all.

Please take note that in Israel, her name is pronounced MEENA, because she's actually really really mean - at least Azealia Banks' cult of followers thinks so. They may have threatened to "knife that Jewish bitch," but she's still here, eating her kosher bagels with bacon cream cheese schmeared all over (sorry Rabbi Greenberg)! Now, she'll be bringing those bagels to the promised land. Just call her Mrs. Worldwide. 

Thank you for all your love, you naughty naughty lovers. We've always said we wanted to spoil our readers with gift bags and various goodies. However, since we have no money, we'll be spoiling you with L-O-V-E. Without you, we wouldn't be as internationally prominent (or locally unrecognized) as we are today. We really do love you, though. Truly. Like I seriously mean it this time...hugs and kisses.


Gregory, xx

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