Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colette Carr's new song is better than Sex

Yea, that's right. I said it.  Colette Carr's new song, produced by the truly wonderful Martin Kierszenbaum, is better than Sex... that is, her last song, Sex ft. New Boys (which was also quite good).  The point IS: dammit, y'all, Colette's songs get better & catchier with each release (though We Do It Primo was not exactly a hard act to follow...).  I am a very happy POP-consumer with the Colette Carr project.  Cherrytree Records has yet to disappoint me with any their artists & I am very glad to see that they are taking Colette in the direction of total silliness. POP performers take themselves way, way, WAY too seriously. In short, I hope the princess of comedic-Californian-white-girl-swagger has more lines like "while you're at it give that culo some besos" up her sleave.  MAKE IT GO, GIRL.

(Also, Martin, you're just wonderful.  You're like the Xenomania that we can claim as one of us Americans. If I could give you & Greg Kurstin a big hug to thank you for all your wonderful music, I would.)




  1. I figured asking you to marry me on your blog was the most appropriate venue. Colette is a great artist. I've been blogging about her for ages, and I'm glad I'm not alone in the circle.

  2. shall we elope in Vegas & celebrate by seeing Le Queen Celine perform?

  3. I agree that Martin, also known as Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, is an excellent producer.

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