Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Florrie's "Late" EP Arrives Just in Time

Photo by Paula Scala
This week drummer, model, singer, & lollipop-lover Florence Arnold, aka Florrie, graced us with the arrival of her third EP. It may be Late, indeed, but that needn't matter; Florrie's EP arrives just in time to remind us why we place our faith in POP. Mixing high-brow production with a dash of 90s nostalgia, Florrie's latest quartet of songs may be exactly lacking what electroPOP is lacking. Here is our track-by-track review.

Shot You Down: The EP's opening track starts off strong with a clean chorus & atmospheric production. Perhaps a better-behaving cousin of Rihanna's Man Down & Madonna's Gang Bang, the track's ultimate pitfall is that it could have been a bit bigger, & perhaps a bit darker.

I'm Gonna Get You Back: This song is exactly how we wished Ladyhawke's album would sound: fun, fast-paced & full of guitars. This is a particularly well-written track, with simple but effective verses like "got your hands around my waist / got her lipstick mark on your face/ & I'm waiting for the fall / but you're not there." It's worth noting that Florrie managed to make a song about lost love, the oldest of subject matters, sound fresh & thoughtful.

Every Inch: The third track on Late finds the songbird asserting herself ala Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much. The tenacious girl-power chorus "you gotta earn every inch of my body baby" is so damn endearing that even the shiest of listeners cannot help but to sing along. Above all this song is totally luscious, like a delectable slice of red velvet cake. One of her best tracks yet.

To The End: Florrie's closing track on Late is perhaps the EP's weakest, which doesn't mean much, because it is still far from average. If it sounds a lot like the work of Norwegian POP princess Annie Strand, that's because it was co-written by Annie herself. The ending is a particular delight, with its slow, Viva Forever vibe. We're not complaining.

If we've learned one thing from Late, it is to place total trust in Florrie's intuition. While some might have scoffed at her silly idea of building a career from the ground up, clearly, it has more than paid off. Don't be tardy to the party- relish Florrie's last release as an independent artist! Listen to the full Late EP on Florrie's website & purchase it on iTunes.



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