Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mika's Musical Makeover!

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Sorry for the long delay in posts! Minna and I have been busy with our day jobs, but we will do our best to be more disciplined. This applies to me more than to Minna - she's already quite good at maintaining the machine that is Unapologetically POP! Kudos to her - I'd be dead in the water without my gurrrl. Just to update all of you, we'll both be attending the New Music Conference and Festival in New York City this week. We're so excited and grateful to Workman Entertainment & Public Relations for giving us the opportunity to cover these events.

Anyhow, today, Mika released the first single from his upcoming album, The Origin of Love, due in September. This will be the third release from the admittedly bi-sexual (though we're all pretty sure he's gay - still, who are we to label someone's sexuality? Let just hope that the bi thing is his own doing, and not the record label trying to keep him halfway in the closet) beauty. Like Marina, Mika has decided to go in a new direction. Known for his piano-based dance POP with an Elton John / Scissor Sisters - like quality, Mika's decided to try something different and work with a whole host of songwriters and producers, including "...Nick Littlemore, Paul Steel, Fryars, William Orbit, Doriand, Priscilla Renea, Bilboard, Hillary Lindsay, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell Williams, Benny Benassi, Martin Solveig, Klas Ahlund from the Teddybears, Wayne Hector, Fanny Ardent and Greg Wells." Wells (best known for helming Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas) produced all of the POP star's prior material, so it's interesting to hear others take a stab at molding Mika's style.

Pharrell & Mika!
The single's name is Celebrate. Produced by and featuring The Neptunes' Pharrell Williams (whose worked with Kelis, Britney [on Slave 4u & Boys], Snoop Dogg, and JT), the song has a slightly hip-hoppier, dancetronica feel, but on the whole, it still sounds like classic Mika. To be honest, I've never liked Mika's work. Though I admire his musicality, experimentation, aesthetic, and performances, his melodies, voice, and Greg Well-ian production have never done it for me. Seeing as this song sounds like a slight evolution of Mika's previous hits, Celebrate doesn't satisfy me the way I wish it would. However, I played the 30 second clip of Celebrate to two Mika fans, and they think it sounds completely different from his original style. Am I the only one that doesn't perceive this track as a drastic change? What do all of you think?

I will say that I'm so happy to see Pharrell collaborating with LGBT artists, including Mika & Adam Lambert (on Glambert's most recent album, Trespassing). For so long, there has been an anti-LGBT stigma in the hip-hop community. To see it gradually fade away is oh so refreshing. I'm really proud of Pharrell for taking this big leap forward. 

Earlier in the week, Mika released a non-single from the album with an accompanying hipster-esque video. This song is called Make You Happy and actually does represent a sonic departure. Although it still doesn't quench my thirst for catchy & emotional POP music, it comes much closer. It's very electronic, featuring a beautiful touch of auto-tune that's very Madonna Ray of Light - esque in nature. Therefore, I'm wondering if William Orbit produced this slice of key-lime POP. Check it out below!

Are all of you excited for Mika's musical makeover, or do you wish he was putting out more of the same 'ol? Do you even notice a difference?



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