Friday, May 25, 2012

Praise the POP Heavens! Kylie Releases New Single, "Timebomb"

The Kylie team has been surprising adoring fans with new goodies on the 25th of each monthin honor of K25, a celebration of Kylie's TWENTY FIVE YEARS in music. This month the surprise is even better: Kylie released a new single & music video for a track called Timebomb.  In true Kylie-style, the music video features a gravity-defying "dress" made of little more than scraps of fabric, as well as the general fierceness we've come to expect from our proto-perfect POP sensation.  Check out the video, filmed in Soho, below:
If you want more Kylie, be sure to tune into the Voice UK on BBC1 this Sunday, May 27 (Minna's birthday! I'm sure Kylie did that on purpose)


Gregory & Minna

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