Friday, May 25, 2012

POP News in Review - May 25th

May has been a busy month for us, between celebrating birthdays, bat mitzvahs, working, traveling, & making ends meet, sometimes it's just too much to sit down & blog at the end of the day.  Thankfully, we HAVE been keeping up to date on all POP happenings.  Here is this week's latest POP news as viewed by us.

Cheryl Cole's album cover shines
Maybe we're late on picking up on this one, but apparently it's just CHERYL now.  Who cares, really, as long as the album is as good as its cover.  Wishful thinking?  Probably.  But we're still hoping A Million Lights is straight up euroPOP gold. C'mon, Cole. We're ready.

Icona Pop releases new songs, "Rocket Science" & "I Love It"
All hail new music from one of the more unique acts on the rise, scandiPOP duo Icona Pop.  While Rocket Science sounds hyper-modern & dubsteppy, I Love It, penned by Charli XCX, finds Icona Pop embracing a more conventional power POP format. "I'm a nineties bitch!" they shriek over a banging club-beat. Oh shit, AZ Banks better start trash-talking them.  The 90s so totally her thing.

Kelly Clarkson's music video for Dark Side is deep
We're impressed by the new music video for Kelly Clarkson's latest single, Dark Side, a pretty but unremarkable song produced by Greg Kurstin.  Directed by Shane Drake, who also did Kelly's Stronger video, Dark Side explores pain, loss & vulnerability through the lens of of several characters, including an alcoholic man, a laid-off worker, a war veteran, a pill-popping pageant queen, & more.

Ladyhawke teases album online
Alright y'all, it's time.  Click here to listen to snippets of Ladyhawke's second album, Anxiety (do we hear a zombie song on there, Pippa?).  Apparently we're still waiting until June 4th for the full release, because if we've learned one thing in the 21st century, we know it's not an anticipated album unless its released is postponed at least twice.



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