Wednesday, May 30, 2012

JFF - "Young Blood" Remix by Tiësto & Hardwell

What the hell did we do before Tiësto???

It seems like eons ago that I heard the Naked & Famous on MTV while visiting an old friend in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The year 2011 would never be the same: the Kiwi indie POP band became one of my most played artists on iTunes for the entire year.  So when I was listening to Club Life Volume Two & I heard the familiar "yeah yeah yeah" of Young Blood, their break-out hit, as remixed by the other-worldly techno team of Hardwell & Tiësto, I think I lost a few years off of my life.  All I can really say is that The Naked & Famous should be kissing these guys' feet for putting a fresh spin on an over-worn track.  MAKE MORE MUSIC PLEASE.  KTHANKSKIWILOVE.

Listen to the ultimate summer dance track below.



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