Friday, May 25, 2012

JFF - Russian Oldie "Наш сосед" Updated for the Modern Market, Introducing "Da Bop"

Last night my step-father, a rock scientist originally from Moscow, asked me if I would introduce him to any Russian POP sensations.  Of course T.A.T.u. came to mind, but I directed him to a favorite blog of mine, Europopped, & introduced him to a song called Da Bop.  I explained to him that this was sure to be a summer hit in Europe.  When I pressed play, his face lit up with the excitement of recognition.  "I remember singing this in school!" he said.  Now, rarely have I ever seen someone who grew up in the USSR regard their childhood warmly, but here you have it: a simple, lovely song modernized to include a big, ballsy beat put a smile on the face of my POP-illiterate, anostalgic step-father.

As a true, blue history nerd, I have geeked over Eastern Europe since age 10 (don't ask me why).  Something that I cherish about this region, musically, is the constant "updating" of traditional music to fit the modern POP sonic-sphere. Take turbo-folk, a sub-genre that is in & of itself essentially the "urbanization" of rural Balkan folk music.  And now here we have 2012's Da Bop, a sort of Euro-crazed We No Speak Americano, only much cuter & much, much better.

Check out the original Наш сосед & its dancefloor-friendly grandchild, Da Bop, below:



PS - Check out Europopped for all things Euro-zone.  He's got all the goodies & then some.

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