Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gregory & Minna Talk Memorial Day Performances - Who Was More Memorable, Cheryl or Kylie?

Minna: Okay, we had two big performances on The Voice UK this weekend, starting with Mizz "I-Need-No-Last-Name" Cheryl.  What did you think of her Call My Name performance on Saturday?
Gregory: It was amaaazing.  Her dancing is almost as good as Britney at her prime.  And I could give two sh*ts if Cheryl is miming. 
Minna: This was a really, really good performance, I agree, from the swan dive onwards.  Cheryl has by far the best style team too; the hair, the pants, the leopard print, I love it.  Although I have to say that the stupid hand-cupping move for the "call my name" cue was seriously annoying. All in all, a great performance.  Now, onto the next one: Kylie performed Time Bomb today, obviously as a birthday present for me.  Good lord I love Kylie, but this was a wee-bit lame.  At least she's singing.  What did you think?
Gregory: Her performances are always so blah.  I don't even like Time Bomb.  All she's doing is strutting around the stage doing sexy poses. 
Minna:  Is it just me or is there something very Austin Powers about the whole 60s graffiti get-up? And why are her back-up dancers wearing Nicki Minaj's bathing suit?
Gregory: Didn't Coldplay just do the graffiti thing?  Whatever.  Don't know, don't care.
Minna:  So who was more memorable?
Gregory: Cheryl.
Minna: I have to agree with you.  I like Time Bomb better, but there's no denying that Cheryl's precision dance-moves & crotch-grabbing make Call My Name more memorable.  There's no denying the power of touching yourself.
Gregory: Even without the music video & performances, Call My Name is a better single.  
Minna:  To me it just sounds like Calvin fell asleep at the recording studio, although I completely love the "oh oh oh oh" at the end.  I don't think it will break the US market, but I don't think Time Bomb will either.

Watch Kylie's performance below:
Watch Cheryl's performance below:


Gregory & Minna

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