Sunday, May 27, 2012

90s Sundays - 1993's "Shoop" by Salt-n-Pepa

According to all our sources, claiming the 90s is what's hot right now (see: AZ Banks).  But when Gregory suggested that we start something called "90s Sundays," it was anything but a "let's-fit-in" calculation.  Growing up in the 1990s, Gregory & I are emotionally attached to all the music we heard on our radios.  I remember waiting for hours by my family's boombox to record a favorite song for my mixtape!  Now with the added trendiness of claiming inspiration from the 90s (Lana, we know you love Tupac too, girl), our nostalgia has an even more relevant place in our blog.

Hip-hop trio Salt-n-Pepa, famous for taboo-shattering songs like Push It & Let's Talk About Sex, are more Rihanna's predecessors than Nicki Minaj's.  The girls of Salt-n-Pepa are practically the godmothers of SWAGGER.  Though they marked their early career with songs about female empowerment, Shoop, a funky, flirty, man-crazy track, became their first Top 5 hit on the Billboard charts in 1993 (not a surprise).  All cynicism/sexism aside, Shoop is a fantastic throwback track to the delicious days of 90s RnB-infused hip-hop-POP.  It is worth noting that even while licking their lips at enticing men, Salt-n-Pepa were nearly always ahead of their time; how many female DJs are rocking our charts in 2012?  Shout out to you, DJ Spinderella.


Gregory & Minna


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