Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Best of POP Parody

What do they have in common?
Thought you were sick of We Are Young?  Fancied you'd had enough LMFAO already?  THINK AGAIN, because with chart-topping success comes the best inevitable aftermath - the PARODIES. (I mean really, how many California Gurls spinoffs did you watch on youtube in 2010

Here are the two best POP parodies floating around the internet right now.  The first is my personal favorite: I'm Peeta & I Know It, a spoof that finds LMFAO rapping about everyone's favorite Hunger Games hunk.  The second clip is an amusing take on Fun.'s number 1 hit... from the perspective of some very cynical, middle-aged comics.  Watch below... especially if you're at work.

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