Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who's Who? We're Gettin' Confused.

It's hard to be a sexy brunette in POP music these days. It's like, "Oh my god, bitch stole my look!" We know what you're thinking: how do you tell them apart? Don't worry, we'll help you navigate through the trendy-brown-hair-hurricane-going-trendy-bangs-bang.  Let us begin.

Delightful Canadian electroPOP darling of despicable, immeasurable beauty.  Apparently she also likes cookies.
Immediate point of recognition: Look out for tattoos &/or flannel. And large crowd of drooling men who may/may not be fondling themselves.
Best Song: Siberia 

An exotic fashionista with musical abilities to match.  She worked as a disc-jockey in London before launching a very promising career as a singer/songwriter.  We wonder if she DJs Bar Mitzvahs. (Call us).
Immediate point of recognition: Fuzzy hat. The look: "I'm like a trendy Bolshevik Princess. I love caviar and romantic vacations in Siberia!" (see song by Lights, above)
Best song: Finish Line

Foxes (such a FOXAY name)
She's signed to Neon Gold, which automatically makes her très très très chic.  Expect vigorous, smokey vocals a la Florence Welch & Clare Maguire.  
Immediate point of recognition: We're working on that one.  (It's a tie between a cigarette or animal ears).
Best song: Youth

There you go everyone!  Today's handy-dandy guide to who's who in young, trendy, up&coming POP musicians.  We'll be back with more updates ridiculously soon, as a new POP starlet is born every 2 minutes & 34 seconds, we are told.


Gregory & Minna

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