Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Wanted Conquer US; Prove Americans Still Have "a Thing" For Boybands

We are not above this.
Unless you are a POP-lover who lives under a rock (as if!) you have probably heard about British boyband The Wanted's recent conquest of the US charts.  Along with our blogger buddies Popledge & What's That Music Guy, here at Unapologetically POP we were counting down the days until Glad You Came, the #1 Brit-POP banger, climbed its way to the Top 5.  We believed in them, & so we sat.  We waited.  But alas, the Wanted had oh so many obstacles in their way: close-minded American radio stations, musical xenophobia, & moreover, an American bias against anything "boyband."

Yes, that's right.  For years "boyband" has more or less been a dirty word here in the USA. As a lover of both Brit-POP & boybands, I have often felt ostracized by those who repeatedly told me that "boybands are SO 1996" & "the Backstreet Boys are GAY" (to which I promptly punch them where it hurts... love you BSB).

This American mentality made the Wanted's US chart-topper all the more exciting. Glad You Came peaked at #4 on the Hot 100, was the #1 POP download on iTunes, & was even covered by the popular American TV series Glee!  THIS IS NO EASY TASK.  Coupled with American biases, the last time a quality British boyband hit the US charts this hard was Take That back in 1995 with Back For Good (oh, the amazingness)! 

How did they do it, you ask? How did a cheesy 5-man Brit-POP band suddenly conquer our hearts & our airwaves? The answer is surprisingly simple: we Americans are NOT above a good boyband [& their music video, featuring bikini-clad models romping around Ibiza, doesn't hurt either].

So get off your stiff a$$es, America, & welcome back the boyband! Cause guess what? We know you know you really liked them all along.

A big whopping congratulations to the Wanted! You did it, boys!



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