Friday, March 9, 2012

"Some Nights" is Something Special

Tonight Unapologetically POP is very excited to see Fun. perform at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. In anticipation of the show, we wanted to highlight our favorite parts of their latest album, Some Nights.

Some Nights opens with what can only be described as a POP operetta that would put a smile on Freddie Mercury's face. But it's what follows that packs the ultimate punch; the album's second track, the eponymous Some Nights, is arguably one of the best indie POP songs to come out this year. It's bombastic but not excessive, featuring Fun.'s signature harmonies & Nate Reuss's vocals at their very best. The confessional lyrics, the sonic stampede, & even the use of auto-tune create a powerful & well-rounded POP song. This is easily Jeff Bhasker's best work on the album.

Some fans have decried the "electronica" elements on the album (which are, at most, minimal).  I, too, loved Fun.'s first album, Aim & Ignite, & agree that Some Nights is probably a less progressive album.  However, shining moments like Why Am I the One & Carry On remind you that Nate, Jack & Andrew are still there, unchanged & uninhibited.  Above all, we're happy that Fun. had fun making this album!   Even throughout it's more tender & depressive moments, Fun.'s spirit leaves listeners uplifted at the end of each song.

Both Gregory & I applaud the band for their massive success ( a #1 song on the Hot 100!) & wish them even more success on their upcoming tour.  We're excited to see ya tonight, boys!



Fun. - Some Nights

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