Monday, March 12, 2012

Marina Begins Electra Heart Era with New Single: "Primadonna"

Gregory: I love Primadonna's melody & production. It's perfectly POP. Marina is not yet at the level of a Katy or Ke$ha, so she gets the simplest tracks from Dr. Luke (because Katy and Ke$ha have the financial resources to outbid her for premier material). Fortunately, the simplicity works in Marina's favor. The song glitters and sparkles. The verses and chorus are so catchy! However, I agree with Minna in regard to the lyrics. Marina is a poetic genius, but here, her words are vapid reflections of her own ambition, lacking the tinge of societal analysis present on The Family Jewels. The song is quite like GaGa's Paparazzi, blurring the line between love for a lover and love of fame. I'm undecided about the vocals - Dr. Luke auto-tuned out her signature operatic quality. To be honest, I quite like it, but I hope this isn't the case throughout the whole album. Her upper-register possesses a warmth that I can't seem to find in any other singer. 

Minna:  Setting aside my dissatisfaction with what I perceive as changes in Marina's persona, I am incredibly proud of her for Primadonna.  The production is expensive. The chorus is memorable. And, most happily of all, Marina's "characters" are finally in high-definition.  My main complaint with this track, however, is that the lyrics are watered-down.  Coming from Marina Diamandis, this is rather surprising, as her poetry from The Family Jewels era is completely unparalleled.  I fear that working with hit-makers while crafting the Electra Heart album may have stunted her prose... still, it is too early to tell; moreover, what Primadonna may lack in lyricism is more than made up for with vocals, presence, performance & vision. I end my day feeling more prepared for the Electra Heart era than before.  While, personally, I may have preferred a sophomore album featuring feminism & scathing social commentary, I will have to let that go. My personal tastes are not the public's.

Simply stated, Primadonna is the perfect first single. If all Marina wanted was the world, she is getting there. 


Gregory & Minna

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  1. Nothing of hers has grasped me yet. Is there something wrong with me?


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