Monday, March 26, 2012

JFF - Lectro Lips, Free Download, "Resurrection"

Little known fact: About half of our readers live in the UK (holla Google statistics!)  This means, lovely readers, chances are you have probably heard Lectro Lips before... & didn't even know it!  Their tracks have been featured on Hollyaoks, Channel 5, as well as on BBC 6.  So where did these dudes appear from?  Actually, Leo & Anthony have been making tunes together for a while now (since 2009, to be exact) & carry a strong, supportive fanbase through social networking.  However, it was only recently that their newest track, Resurrection, caught my attention & really hooked me in.  Coincidentally, it is also a free download! Listen below:

Resurrection *free download by LectroLips

In case you couldn't tell, this shit is legit.  Resurrection does not sound like your everyday made-in-my-bedroom electroPOP - it is darker & much richer. Surprisingly, this is actually the first song I have heard that reminds me of GaGa's Born This Way (an album which, I contend, was ahead of its time) - if not a bit more POP-friendly without the noisy electric guitars.  If Lectro Lips continue to produce textured, club-friendly electroPOP tracks like Resurrection, they stand a good chance of setting themselves apart from other internet-savvy POP duos.  

For more Lectro Lipssssss (we love that name), check out their Soundcloud page & this awesome interview with So So Gay Magazine.  As always, we encourage our readers to spread the word if they really dig the music.  It's up to you guys, as much as us, to promote & support emerging artists!

I have another brilliant independent artist coming your way today, so stay tuned.



PS - Lectro Lips has a BLOG, holla!

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