Thursday, March 1, 2012

JFF - The Ghosts, "Ghosts"

I was a huge fan of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, so when I heard that their former keyboard-player, Alex Starling, had formed his own band - I nearly tripped over myself running to hear their music. To my joy what I found turned out to be absolutely superb synthPOP act: The Ghosts.

Featured by The Guardian and NME, The Ghosts began when Alex Starling met drummer Ian Palmer following the tragic death of Charles Haddon in 2010.  The two bonded musically & personally; The Ghosts were born (eh... can ghosts be born?)

Considering the loss & misfortune that plagued the inception of this band, The Ghosts are anything but self-important or histrionic. My favorite aspect of their music is the easy balance struck within each song. In Ghosts, their second single, Ian's drumming carries Alex's singing which carries Dan's guitar, and so on. Not one band-mate overpowers the other; it's a sonic harmony rarely found in POP acts these days.

Ghosts is a breezy, fresh gem of a synthPOP song & a very good selection for a second single. I must be in a really spooky mood this week (see my post on the amazing Kyla La Grange), but the music video is as catchy as the track itself. It reminds me a bit of Ladyhawke's Dusk Till Dawn... Watch below.

Check out The Ghosts on Facebook & keep an eye on these guys: they are a band worth watching & are already off to a very strong start!  At Unapologetically POP we are looking forward to the release of their first album, cleverly entitled The End, this year.



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