Monday, March 26, 2012

Antoinette & The King's Men Make a Name with "No Name"

In case anyone had doubts about Antoinette's art, leave them at the door.  A series of new demos are here to blow away your incredulity with the power of melody.  No Name, originally posted on Soundcloud 2 weeks ago, proves that Antoinette is committed to developing her sound & her story.  As we pointed out in our last post on Antoinette, her music evokes memories of Natalie Merchant's breakthrough music of the 1990s.  No Name is further marked by precocious wisdom & an uncanny understanding of lyricism.  Even more impressive than the lyrics, however, is the level of authority with which Antoinette crafts her songs.   Who else can sing with authority on the nature of life, love & anonymity?

No Name highlights the fearlessness of Antoinette's character.  Where will she venture next?

No Name (demo)

Check out Antoinette & the King's Men on Soundcloud for more impressive demos.



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