Monday, March 26, 2012

JFF - Amy Correia, "Coney Island USA"

Who here is a fan of Cat Power, Fiona Apple, or Carole King?  Because I have an underexposed artist to introduce to you: the lovely Amy Correia.

Folk-POP can be a little too sparse for my tastes, but Amy's songs are bolstered by her bluesy vocals and uncommon mastery of the string quartet.  Both NPR & The New Yorker have reviewed Amy's rhythmic folk-POP, & today it is Unapologetically POP's turn, starting with Coney Island USA. I simply adore this song because it sounds just like its title.  Listening to Coney Island is like picking up a dusty old photograph or exploring a cluttered old attic.  I would call it "vintage POP" for modern nostalgics.

To listen to Coney Island USA, click here & press play.
Recently, Amy has been nominated for 3 Independent Music Awards, including "Singer-Songwriter of a Folk Album" (vote here to support her).  Congratulations Amy!

Be sure to to check out for a free download & tour information.

Stay tuned for another independent artist pick-o'-the-day.



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