Friday, March 16, 2012

Gossip is Back!... With a Not-So-Perfect Single

I. love. Gossip. Beth Ditto is a star. Hannah Blilie is the shit. And if Bruce Pain was running for President, I would vote for him. So when I read that MARK RONSON (!!!) was producing their new album Joyful Noise, I expected nothing less than an ear-gasm... but then I heard their latest song Perfect World.
Listen below.

At first listen I was excited by the badass opening.  But then... I got to the chorus. When I heard "we can be more than before" I had to do a double take. What? NO! Who processed out Beth's voice! No! Gah! Wrong! Why?

By the end of the song I was just plain confused by the absence of Beth's characteristic punk-rock vocals.  After a few more listens I came to the conclusion that Perfect World is simply not the perfect single. I don't want Gossip to start the Joyful Noise era with what I consider to be a mediocre track.

What do you think of the new song? Is it good material for a single? Our friend the Pop Sucker quite likes it, & he has great taste. Am I, perhaps, overreacting to a very minor change?



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