Tuesday, February 21, 2012

POP Disappointments

As I write this post, I am anxiously writing a scholarship application for my Masters program, so please pardon my brevity.

The internet is alive with a cacophony of criticism about Rihanna & Chris Brown's new collaborations.  Yes, because Birthday Cake couldn't be worse, Rihanna decided to feature her "ex," Chris Brown, singing "Girl I wanna f*ck you right now / it's been so long & I've been missin your body."

Yes, that's right folks. Just when I thought the mainstream POP world couldn't get much more dissatisfying (Dr. Luke & RedOne give everyone the same song, Lana Del Rey collaborates with Azealia Banks), Rihanna & Chris Brown come along to top the Disappointment Game.  I'm dumbfounded.  The Prophet Blog best discusses the repercussions of Rihanna as a role model to millions in the post Rihanna Disappoints the World, but what concerns me more is the question of morality in the music industry.  Why the hell is the mainstream music industry capitalizing on Rihanna & Chris' history of domestic abuse?  Is this not the lowest of the low?  Why is this okay?

It's not okay. And, for the record, Gregory & I always wanted this blog to be a constructive place to promote good music from all over the POP spectrum.  If the mainstream POP acts keep up this crap, you'll be hearing a lot less about them on Unapologetically POP.

Shame on everyone involved in this.



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