Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Numb" But Full of Feeling

Massively moving & under-exposed Swedish POP artist Vanbot released her video for Numb last January and honestly, I have not been so affected by a music video in a long time.  It is simultaneously luscious, emotional, and redolent.  Vanbot beautifully captures the idea of the human as a blank canvas against a stunning palate of blues and greys.  As for the song, Numb flows seamlessly with the undulating melody.  Like Robyn, Vanbot evokes the complex emotions of loneliness and vulnerability... with the dancefloor as her arena.

Vanbot's incredible creative team warrant a shout out; Numb is directed and edited by Samuel Axelsson, Josefine Alm and Susanna Johansson, with artwork by Samuel Axelsson, styling by, Therese Lögdal, and lighting by Sara Arnald.

Watch the video for Numb below.

Vanbot will be playing at the SXSW Music Festival this March in Austin, Texas.  If you will be heading there, make sure to pencil her in.



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