Monday, February 13, 2012

JFF - Katy Perry, "Part of Me"

Katy Perry's new song, Part of Me, hits iTunes today (Katy-cats rejoice!).  Here are our thoughts on her new single:

Gregory: I'm a bit tired of Katy's candy-coated iteration, but I love this song. It's beautiful and emotional, yet strong and empowering. Most importantly, it's oh so catchy! Here's my breakdown: okay bridge, good verses, GREAT chorus. I just love it.

Minna: I'm not emotionally prepared for the Complete Confection radio onslaught.  I think the Katy-character should take a break & honor her first divorce in other ways than an illustrious chart-topper.  That aside, Part of Me is not terrible.  Its message is positivity.  The chorus is catchy & endearing.  But the line "you're never gonna break my soul" has me wishing Perry would write more & collaborate less.  Also, Dr. Luke, we're sick of the obligatory guitar riff.  It's not fun anymore.  It's distressing.


Gregory & Minna

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