Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JFF - Born This Way, Kids of 88 Remix

Kids of 88 (great name guys!) are another solid indie POP act to hail from New Zealand. This duo caught my attention back in 2010 with their teen-friendly (aka: horny) anthem Just A Little Bit, which would have been my jam at age 16 after hearing it on the CW (sheesh, back in my day, it was still the WB).  Not surprisingly, Just A Little Bit was later featured on MTV's Teen Wolf.

But Kids of 88 have potential to expand beyond a limited tween fanbase.  My proof: GaGa is a tough act to remix, but these boys pull it off with style. Their remix of Born This Way, below, demonstrates a true ear for sound - featuring a fun fusion of afrobeat, new wave, and pretty damn danceable disco.  Check it out.

In case you don't have it in your iTunes collection yet, click here to subscribe for a free download of their punchy 2009 single My House

Kids of 88 just announced that they will be releasing their second studio album later this year.  We're pleased!  And hey, since Lady GaGa will be playing Auckland, New Zealand in June, maybe Kids of 88 will get to meet her & do some more remixes! (we can wish)



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