Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JFF - Antoinette + the Kings Men, Demo

Photograph by Olivié Pacman
Antoinette + the Kings Men is a musical and artistic project by a talented, exploratory woman from the British Isles. Antoinette, a character who personifies "the madness within each and every one of us," pens experimental POP that makes you weep. Her demos unfold in chronological order, developing a very personal, relatable, & modern fable.

This music is extraordinarily original. The only comparison that comes to mind is Natalie Merchant's equally confessional 1995 Tigerlily album. But one of the most important differences between Antoinette & other established POP acts is the fact that the Kings Men are a true community. They are in constant communication, creating fan art and promotional videos, & supporting one another through social media. Each and every fan is as unique as the artist herself.

For more of Antoinette's music, check out her Soundcloud for demos as candid and unconventional as the early work of Marina and the Diamonds. Our favorite is the mellow & melodic Miaow Or Never. Listen below:

Stay tuned for more music & visual art coming out of this exciting experimental POP project. For more information & to join the Kings Men community, check out the Antoinette + The Kings Men Facebook page.



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