Friday, January 6, 2012

Sugary Sweet Sia

Can I just say how damn proud I am of Sia? Some of you may remember her from the song, Breathe Me, which appeared on the series finale of Six Feet Under. That song seeped through my skin straight to my heart. GURL can write an emotional hook, and her voice is thick and raspy, like molasses. Sia’s 2010 album, We Are Born, contained a wide spectrum of POP tunage ranging from decadent balladry, like I’m In Here, to upbeat numbers, such as Clap Your Hands.

Sia performing on "The We Are Born Tour"
One of Sia’s best qualities is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, despite the dedication she has for her craft and the emotional purity evident in her songs. So many POP artists think they’re the second coming. In doing so, they drain any and all entertainment value out of their music and performances! Sia, on the other hand, is well known for adding multiple doses of sugary fun to her stage shows. She loves goofy, colorful props, and provides glow sticks for all audience members! This works for me; though I’m 23, I’m really 6 on the inside. Sia’s style is perfect for my next birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, open bar included. (Side note: I like my freshly squeezed juices and vodka in a sippy cup served by scruffy bartenders.)

This indie-POP Aussie is now beginning to write for superstars, which means that her talents are finally being recognized in a BIG way. The music industry spits out so much garbage (yes, I’m talking about you, boys of Hot Chelle Rae), that whenever I see songwriters/producers/performers with real chops and emotion to boot, I can’t help but feel happy. The Sias of the world raise the standard for the industry as a whole.

It all started when she worked on Christina Aguilera’s ill-fated album, Bionic. Sia and her songwriting/production partner, Samuel Dixon, composed the most beautiful songs (You Lost Me, I Am, All I Need, and Stronger than Ever). After that project was completed, Sia gained more attention as a songwriter. Producers wanted to tap her skills for other artists’ music. Diplo even approached her about working with Beyoncé  (which, unfortunately, never panned out).  In this MTV interview, Sia spoke about getting the opportunity to write with big-name producers, like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Jukebox, for artists including Leona Lewis, B.o.B, and Janelle Monáe.

You may have heard Sia’s song with David Guetta, Titanium, which she wrote completely on her own! According to our friends at Flop of the Pops, the song was first pitched to Katy Perry, who rejected it, and then to Mary J. Blige, who recorded it. However, the version that made it onto Guetta’s album, Nothing But The Beat, is the demo with Sia’s voice! She went into the studio simply expecting to write the song, but ended up on the record! Unsurprisingly, she sounds GREAT. The layer of unfiltered emotion over a dance beat is reminiscent of Robyn’s material. As mentioned by Flop of the Pops, this song was released as a single everywhere but the States, and it’s been a HUGE hit worldwide. Surprising? I don’t think so.

Most recently, she wrote and sang the hook on Flo Rida’s latest single, Wild Ones. Some people might think it weird that she’s worked with a somewhat misogynist rapper, but she gives the tune a much-needed human touch. I absolutely love it. It’s insanely addictive.

Oh Sia, Minna and I are so very happy for your success! We can’t think of any POP act more humble, and thus, more deserving. You’re indie-heart-&-soul style works marvelously in a mainstream context, as evidenced by the aforementioned two tracks. We’re excited for what’s to come. (Rumor has it that you’re working with Madonna on her upcoming album…) Congratulations! Muah, big kiss, XOXO.



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