Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Thanks

(Don't count on us to give it a listen)

Emeli Sandé - Our Version of Events
We don't get all the hype. Everyone seems to think she's the best thing since hot tamales, but I'm seriously bored. Yeah, she can sing, but she's not that great of a songwriter. Heaven could have been a club BANGER - like ba bA BANGERRR! Instead, it's just instrumental blahhhhness. Daddy sounds like a reworked version of Madonna's Frozen. I'm not sayin' Emeli stole the top DAWG's melody, but maybe she got a little subconscious inspiración! Next to Me is the best of the three, but is still just okay. Honestly, we're not too excited to hear the rest, and we don't really care. Sorry, Emeli! You got great chords, girl. Do them justice by giving them some GORGEOUS songs to sing!


Gregory (with Minna's approval, hehe!)

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