Monday, January 30, 2012

Music to Inspire a Generation

Every few years, I crave an album that speaks to LIFE. So many songs are about love, and a number of them are fantastic. However, life is so much more than love. As someone who doesn’t have much experience in the relationship department, it’s nice to hear songs that broach other topics I can actually relate to. That’s why albums by artists like Lily Allen and Marina & the Diamonds have meant so much to me. They speak to the disillusionment and frustration among our generation. These artists address not just love, but sex (directly – not in some flirty, moochy moochy way). They sing about politics, depression, ambition, and family dynamics. Their music is as multifaceted as the people who listen to it, which is why these artists have fervently loyal fan bases.

Fortunately, such an album is coming our way. VV Brown’s new record, Lollipops and Politics, is to be released in the States on February 7 and throughout the rest of the world soon thereafter. The title perfectly encapsulates Vanessa’s (VV’s real name) approach. She aimed to make an album that inspired the youth, but did not want to come off as preachy. If you listen to the album preview, posted below, it seems that she’s achieved her goal. It’s full of yummy sounds, from rocky guitars to moody synths, laid over a keyboard foundation, which provides the record with a pure songwriter-esque feel. It’s sonically balanced, with the right ratio of energy to slowness and sadness.

I can’t wait to hear the record in full. Enjoy the sneak peak below and let us know what you think!



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