Monday, January 23, 2012

JFF - New Ladyhawke, "Black White & Blue"


Woohoo! It's here! Mixed & produced by Pascal Gabriel, Ladyhawke is finally back with Black White & Blue, the debut single off of her upcoming sophomore album, Anxiety.

So what's it like?  It good.  Black White & Blue has the same loopy, mystical quality as Magic, My Delirium, & Dusk Till Dawn.  Pip's voice is still rock 'n roll meets synthPOP, one is the things I love about her.  Some listeners may find the song's production a bit too complex, but for those who like their music multi-layered & dimensional, you'll be quite pleased.  But I will let you judge for yourself; click the above photo to hear Ladyhawke's exciting release.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Ladyhawke, it's been too long.  We're twiddling our thumbs for the new album AND, hopefully, a big ol' world tour.




  1. Love her. My absolute favorite remains "My Delirum," however. Good post Minna.

  2. And by "My Delirum" I mean "My Delirium," of course. :)


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