Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JFF - "Like a Drug" by Adam Tyler

It's Addictive

Around for a while, Adam Tyler is our special new discovery! He kindly complimented Unapologetically POP! via twitter, which prompted us to check out his video for "Like A Drug," posted below. Any video featuring choreography within a warehouse or parking garage is up my alley. Watching "Like A Drug," I had flashbacks of Janet's "Rhythm Nation" and "Miss You Much," Michael's "Bad," and GaGa's "Lovegame." His moves are slick and his outfits even slicker. The dark clothing is reminiscent of Adam Lambert's goth vibe, the streaks of eye makeup remind us of tUnE-yArDs' facepaint, and the eye patches take us back to Madonna's "Erotica" video. We mean all of this as a compliment! Mr. Tyler deserves to be recognized with as much praise as all of these aforementioned artists. We love ourselves a flamboyant man with a voice and vision!

Produced by Sky Felix, "Like A Drug" possesses an energetic dance-rock vibe. If you like the track, make sure to listen to the rest of Adam's album, Shattered Ice. You may purchase it on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Wishing you much success, Adam!



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